Entertainment Services for the Community

Rabah International sound production, is a live Audio sound Reinforcement and Event Entertainment Sound system.

Is to provide a Sound system/PA system for events, such as but not limited to, conferences, church services, parties, product promotions, business launchings, holidays parties and stage shows.

We’ll provide a sound system and a DJ for any festive event that you’ve planned such as but not limited to your weddings, festive holidays, birthdays, picnics, and baby showers.

A RISP representative will consult with our clients to plan and detail the most ideal event that is tailored to their preference and liking. (Theme planning, scheduling, catering, decorating, photography, videography, dress code/registry, etc.)

Including weddings, birthdays, banquets/galas, Gospel and clean secular music (including reggae, r&b, jazz, soca, calypso, parang)

Rabah Reggae Praise Radio

This is a Rabah International Sound Production hosted by DJ Creid and Gerald Roberts. Our purpose is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through inspiring and soul stirring music including reggae, soca, calypso, r&b, jazz and soul.